Dear UCAS Student and Parents:                                                                                                              July 2017

Greetings from UCAS!  We hope you are enjoying your summer.  We also hope that you are excited to come back to start an amazing school year at UCAS. Don’t forget, the first day of school this year, is Tuesday, August 15th.  There are a few items we would like to mention before school starts:

New UCAS students

  1. The new student social will be on Monday, August 14th from 9:00 am to 11:00amThis is for ALL new students to UCAS only.  We will be learning about UCAS, meeting other students, playing games, eating lunch, and getting to know the UVU campus a little better.
  2. A “Back-to-School” open house will be held from 11am to 12 noon on that same day, Monday, August 14th, for ALL NEW STUDENTS AND PARENTS. This is a chance for you to meet your teachers, find your locker, try your combination, and find where your classes are located. AND, enjoy free hot dogs!
  3. New students may pick up their UVU ID card on Monday the 14th.   However, if you want to pick them up earlier, UCAS will pay for the first UVU ID card if picked up any time after August 1st. If you lose your card, replacement cards are $15.00 that you will have to pay.  To obtain your card, you will need to go to Campus Connection, located in UVU’s Sorenson Student Center, with your UVU ID number and a government- issued photo id.  Please visit the Campus Connection website for business hours and acceptable forms of ID :  and click “Student I.D.” and scroll down to “Concurrent Enrollment High School I.D. Cards”

All UCAS Students

  1. Returning students may continue to use their UVID card as they are good for five years.
  2. UTA BUS INFO: The current bus pass is good until August 31st this year. Students wishing to purchase a UTA bus pass for next year must purchase it through UVU Campus Connection.  The cost is $90 for the 2017-2018 school year. Your UVU ID card will be activated to act as your bus pass.  Replacement card with UTA Bus Pass is $15.00 plus new bus pass.
  3. Free and Reduced Lunch Applications are available online or in the office. Please submit the application to UCAS before school starts (even if you have done it at another school, UCAS needs one.)
  4. School fees are due by the first day of school, August 15th and may be paid beginning August 2nd. Upon payment of fees (online or in the office with cash, check or credit card) the student may pick up his/her 2017 class schedule.  Please note that the Fee Waiver Application is a separate form from the Free and Reduced Lunch Application.
  5. UVU Concurrent Enrollment Tuition, $5.00 per credit hour, is due SEPTEMBER 8th, payable directly to UVU.
  6. UCAS uses e-mails to communicate with students and parents.   If your e-mail contact information changes, please take a moment to e-mail Mrs. Schiffman with the student’s name, parent’s name and e-mail to
  7. Do not make UVU class changes without first getting approval from your counselor. If you do make changes, please be aware you may end up paying for the class, fees and book expenses.
  8. If you have problems with your UCAS class schedule, contact your counselor immediately!

Please give us a call or come in to see us if you have questions.  We look forward to seeing you!


Dr. Anna Trevino

UCAS Principal



Reminders from the UCAS Administration

First day of School: School begins Tuesday, August 15th at 9am sharp!  We will be on a regular schedule and attend all classes beginning with the first day.  Please come early so you can find your first period class.
                Cell Phones: Remember to turn your cell phone off during classes.  If you use your cell phone in class, your teacher may take it and give it to the office.
School lunch will be available daily if you sign up in the kitchen by 9am. You may sign up to have a lunch every day. You may also bring your own lunch from home.  Please do not plan to go to UVU or a fast food restaurant for lunch. You will most likely be late for your next class.  Breakfast will be available daily from 7:30 am to 8:50 am. Breakfast is $1.75; Lunch is $2.75.
Students who drive cars to school have three parking options available:
1)  You may park for free in the north side of UVU’s west parking lot located on the corner of 1200 West and 800 South (one block west of UCAS).   To use this lot you must request a free UVU parking permit from UVU Parking Services, 936 S. 400 W.  2)  You may purchase a parking pass from UVU which allows you to park in any student lot.  3)  If you are taking LDS release time seminary, you may request a parking card which will allow you to park in their lots.
Dress Code:  We ask students to be sure that their appearance is neat, clean, and modest.  By its very definition, “underwear” is to be worn “under” regular clothes and should not be visible.  Clothing must cover the shoulders, chest, midriff, and back.  Skirts and shorts length must be no more than 3 inches above the knee. Skirt slits must also comply with this policy. Shoes must be worn.  Hair colors must be subdued, no bright or neon colors, please.  Extremes in dress, jewelry, and hair styling are distracting to the educational purpose of UCAS and are not acceptable.  Clothing or jewelry which contains suggestive or obscene messages may not be worn.  As a show of respect for our school we ask that students remove their hats while in the UCAS buildings.   The Board has asked our administration to be the judge of the dress code.
                Attendance Policy:  We expect students to be in class, on time, everyday.  Absences will cause a student to miss significant instruction and learning opportunities.  The UCAS Board of Trustees has set a minimum standard of 90% attendance including excused absences.  A student’s grade or credit will likely be affected if the overall attendance falls below the 90% required. While illness, family emergencies, and some extenuating circumstances are legitimate reasons for being absent or tardy, they will still affect grades.  A written and signed note, a phone call from a parent or guardian, or an e-mail from a parent or guardian will be required for all absences.  Unexcused absences or tardies will place a student on attendance warning with consequences including before-school study.  Since UCAS has no control over UVU policies or classes, students may receive additional consequences for missing UVU classes.
Behavior Expectations: UCAS students must display mature, appropriate behavior at all times.  UCAS students who have UVU classes on-campus must be models of appropriate behavior, attendance, and scholarship. We are located on the college campus. Do not give UCAS a bad reputation by displaying a “junior high” type attitude or behavior.
We have limited funds to pay for tuition at UVU for our students. UCAS may not consider you a good risk and may not pay for your UVU classes if you violate the policies.  Please see the handbook online for details on all of these policies.