Utah County Academy of Sciences, An Early College Public High School

UCAS Students

UCAS is a new, innovative, early college public high school (grades 10-12) where classes are designed with an emphasis in mathematics, engineering, and both physical and life sciences. Academically prepared students will have the opportunity to obtain an associates degree while they earn their high school diploma. UCAS is designed to provide an accelerated high school/early college experience for motivated students at little or no charge.

Early College High Schools have similar characteristics that have shown improved learning along with academic success in students. These characteristics include:

  • Locating on or near college campus
  • Operating in a mature learning environment
  • Offering a rigorous curriculum
  • Pursuing college credit within an accredited college degree-granting program

UCAS has an enrollment of approximately 360 – 380 students, of which approximately 140 are Sophomores, 120 are Juniors and 100-120 are Seniors.

For more information, please visit: Jobs for the Future or email us at info@ucas.k12.ut.us


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