Note: (CE) means Concurrent Enrollment class for college credit. 
Semester course. 3 UVU credits/1 UCAS credit. Develops an appreciation of art. Studies elements and principles of art. Includes identification of major art forms, surveys art history, art criticism, and media.
Semester course. 3 UVU credits/1 UCAS credit. Introduces fundamental drawing concepts and media. Emphasizes mastery of basic drawing principles and integration of these principles into a personal drawing style through exposure to a variety of structured drawing experiences.

Career and Technology Education

INFO 2420 Web Application Design (CE) – Meets Exploring Computer Science Requirement
Semester course. 3 UVU Credits, 1 UCAS credit.  Prerequisite: Computer Knowledge. Focuses on the design and construction of WWW home pages(Create your own HOME PAGE) and maintenance of web sites in a multi-media platform environment. Teaches current  (HTML5) standards and exposes students to the latest enhancements. Covers design concepts, page layout, legal issues, basic client side and server-side security, and commercial use of the Web. You will learn how to use Graphics Software, (Create your own LOGO and Banner for your site.) Use an HTML Editor (Microsoft Expression Web, FTP and much more. Your knowledge from this course will help you enhance your RESUME! 

Sample of Student Web Site

Class Web Server – Take a look at Student’s Work – If you are at your home Click on this Link

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ART 1120: 2-D Design (CE)

Semester course. 3 UVU Credits, 1 UCAS credit. Core course for all AVC majors. Introduces the elements and principles of design. Studies two and three dimensional formats as they relate to a series of different design problems. Uses principles such as line, shape, rhythm, contour, value and contrast in creative assignments.  (This course can also substitute for a high school art credit.)


Semester course; 3 UVU Credits; 1 UCAS credit. . *Pre-requisite: Principles of Electronics (may also be taken concurrently).This class is a hybrid discipline that utilizes the principles of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering to design and produce complex computer controlled electro-mechanical systems.


Full year course. 1 UCAS credit. This course includes work in reading, writing, speaking, technical writing, and presentations. Students will read literary and informative texts and write several different kinds of papers. The state core will be followed.

Full year course. 1 UCAS credit. Students will continue to develop skills in reading, writing, speaking, technical writing and presentation. Students will study literary texts as well as informative texts and will write several different kinds of papers.
English courses beyond ENGLISH 11 are offered at UVU. Students must pass pre-requisite classes and/or test into the English courses at UVU. Please visit UVU’s web-site or course catalog for class descriptions.

Semester course. 3 UVU credits / 1 UCAS credit. The General Financial Literacy core is designed to represent those standards of learning that are essential and necessary for all students. The implementation of the ideas, concepts, knowledge, and skills contained in the General Financial Literacy Core will enable students to implement those decision-making skills they must apply and use to become wise and knowledgeable consumers, savers, investors, users of credit, money managers, citizens, and members of a global workforce and society. The General Financial Literacy core will incorporate concepts and skills from mathematics, language arts, social studies, applied technology, character education, and applied service learning.

Full year course. 1 UCAS credit. Pre-requisite – Secondary Math 1. Students in Secondary Mathematics II will focus on quadratic expressions, equations, and functions, extend the set of rational numbers to the set of complex numbers, link probability and data through conditional probability and counting methods, study similarity and right triangle trigonometry, and study circles with their quadratic algebraic representations.

Semester course. 1 UCAS credit. Pre-requisite – Secondary Math 2. Students in Secondary Mathematics III will focus on pulling together and applying the accumulation of learning that they have from their previous courses.  They will apply methods from probability and statistics, expand their repertoire of functions to include polynomial, rational, and radical functions, they will expand their study of right triangle trigonometry and will bring together all of their experience with functions and geometry to create models and solve contextual problems. (At the end of Secondary Math III students should be on-pace to test into 1050; 1010 is not required.)

Semester Course. 4 UVU credits / 1.25 UCAS credit.  Prerequisite: One of the following: Secondary Math I, II, III with a C or better AND Test in, MAT 1010 with a grade of C or better. Includes inequalities, functions and their graphs, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, conic sections, systems of linear and nonlinear equations, matrices and determinants, arithmetic and geometric sequences, mathematical induction, the Binomial Theorem, permutations and combinations, and an introduction to probability.

Math courses beyond Math 1050 are offered at UVU. Students must pass pre-requisite classes and/or test into the appropriate math level. Please visit UVU’s web-site or course catalog for class descriptions.
Semester course. o.5 UCAS credit. This course is required for High School graduation.
This class is designed to inform students about themselves and their surroundings. It covers hygiene, mental health, circulatory system, first aid (CPR), substance abuse, physical fitness, and other related areas.
Physical Education

Semester course. 0.5 UCAS credits. This is a more specialized class designed to develop a higher level of proficiency and more in-depth expertise in up to three different activities. Students should be engaged in activities that they can participate in for the rest of their lives.

Semester course. 0.5 UCAS credits. This class is designed to develop a level of proficiency and expertise in physical education activities.

Semester course. o.5 UCAS credits. 2 UVU credits. Taken on UVU campus from a UVU instructor.
This class is designed to for Junior and Senior students in order to give them information, tools, and skills to aid students in engaging in an active, healthy lifestyle throughout life. Offers the opportunity to learn about exercise program design, physiological adaptations that underlie fitness, and strategies to maintain an active lifestyle across the lifespan. Features access to high quality exercise facilities. Requires participation in exercise 2 days per week outside of the scheduled class activities. Stresses comprehensive principles in health, wellness, physical activity, and fitness assessment.
Full Year Course. 1 UCAS credit.   3 UVU creditsSophomore students only.
Covers the fundamentals of classical and modern physics. Includes mechanics, fluids, heat, waves and sound, electricity and magnetism, light, optical, relativity, atomic and nuclear physics. Includes lectures, classroom interaction, demonstration and problem solving.

BIO 1010 & 1015: GENERAL BIOLOGY  (CE)

Full Year course. 4 UVU credits / 1.25 UCAS credit. Junior and Senior Students only. Addresses the history of biological discovery, our current understanding of the science, and inquires about where our research may lead us. A general education course introducing cellular and molecular biology, genetics, diversity, evolution, and ecology. May be used as prerequisite for some departmental courses.


Full Year course.  5 UVU credits / 1.25 UCAS credit.  Junior and Senior Students only. Designed to give biology majors a broad exposure to many aspects of the life sciences. Covers topics of biochemistry, energetics, cell structure and function, genetics, and evolution.
Additional science courses beyond those listed are available at UVU after a student passes pre-requisite courses and all high school level sciences. Please visit UVU’s web-site or course catalog for class descriptions.
Social Studies

Semester course. 3 UVU credits / 1 UCAS credit.  Stresses movements and developing institutions that are important for an appreciation of American History from the Pre-Colombian period to the present. Discussions include analysis of developing political, economic, and social institutions and their interrelationships with, and impact upon, the geographical features of the land. Includes book reports, oral response, research papers, media presentations and applications to current events.

Semester course. 3 UVU credits / 1 UCAS credit. Studies history and structure of American National Government, rights and responsibilities of citizens, political institutions, political processes, and governmental policies.
Semester course. 3 UVU Credits; 1 UCAS credit. (REQUIRED Semester class for ALL Sophomores and may also be required for incoming junior students.)Helps students develop a learning system for attaining maximum success in college, in work and in life. Presents effective techniques for dealing with time management, reading, writing, and critical thinking. Covers topics such as memory, note taking, test taking, and relationships. Develops an awareness of campus resources and assists students in exploring and establishing personal, academic, and career goals. Includes lectures, group interaction, exercises, and projects which apply learning to real life situations.

Full Year course. 3 UVU Credits: 1 UCAS credit. (REQUIRED full-year class for ALL Seniors)
This class  is a year long course that meets twice a week, two hours each week. Senior students will be engaged in the process of gaining information on scholarship, college applications, occupations. Classroom time will focus on lecture, individual work, and feedback from the instructor in the selection of majors and careers. Assesses and clarifies interests, skills, values, and personal characteristics. Explores college majors, careers, and the world of work. Integrates the knowledge of self with career options. Teaches decision making skills to help make well-informed career decisions and goals. Develops an action plan for graduation.
Semester course. 3 UVU Credits; 1 UCAS credit. May be used for UVU Humanities credit. Covers speech research, preparation, outlining and delivery. Provides students with practical experience and evaluation.

Full Year course, during advisory. 0.5 UCAS credit. Students will produce a school yearbook on computer. Students should be self-motivated and willing to work extra hours to meet deadlines and due dates. They will develop and use skills in writing, editing, art, layout, design, photography, and leadership.


Full Year course during advisory. 0.5 UCAS credit.  Students will produce a school newspaper on computer. Students should be self-motivated and willing to work extra hours to meet deadlines and due dates. They will develop and use skills in writing, editing, art, layout, design, photography, and leadership.

STUDENT GOVERNMENT MGMT 1250 Principles of Leadership (CE)

Full Year course. 3 UVU Credits; 1 UCAS credit. Overview of principles of leadership. Provides students with information on successful leadership styles. Includes lectures, videos, cases, group activities, and class discussion. This class is taught at noon daily throughout the year. Student Government provides elected officials the opportunity to learn how to operate student school government. Students must be elected to an office to participate in the Principles of Leadership course.

Semester course. 0.5 UCAS credits. This course is designed to give students extra time and help during school hours to work on homework. Students will receive a pass or fail grade for this course. Counselor/Teacher approval required.

Semester course. 0.5 UCAS credits. Students will assist teachers with classroom/school operations. Teacher approval required.

Semester course. 0.5 UCAS credit. Students will assist the office and counseling staff with school operations. Office approval required.

RELEASE TIME LDS SEMINARY (including but not limited to LDS SEMINARY)
Year long course. No UCAS credit. Students are released from the UCAS campus to attend an LDS seminary course in the church east of UCAS.

OTHER/ONLINE: Any credit producing course taken outside of the required UCAS courses will be considered based on the course completed.  Students who wish to complete a course through an online program need to meet with their UCAS counselor prior to registering/enrolling.  Online courses need to be added to your individual course plan.  Students can find information about online programs at