UCAS Guidelines for Approved On-campus UVU Classes


UCAS will pay the tuition and fees for on-campus UVU classes if the class meets these requirements andif the student is eligible.  The three areas considered for UCAS student eligibility include scholarship (have and maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA, no F, I, W, UW, or E grades, and on trackfor graduation), attendance (all make ups completed and attendance greater than 90%), and citizenship (no behavior violations or suspensions).  To be eligible for the UVU tuition agreement, students must qualify for in-state tuition. This summary does not contain all the details.  Please see your counselor with questions.  Students must be eligible before the UVU class is scheduled or attendance begins.  Any exceptions must be approved by the Principal.


1. UCAS will pay the tuition and fees if the class is required for a student’s UVU major in an approved field if they are on track for high school and college graduation.  UCAS specifically supports the following UVU majors:

School of Technology and Computing: Computing and Networking Sciences, Electronic Automation and Robotic Technology, Electronic and Computer Technology, Engineering Graphics and Design Technology, Information Systems and Technology, Multimedia Communication Technology, and Pre Engineering.

School of Science and Health: Biology (includes Pre-medical and Pre-dental), Chemistry, Community Health, Earth Science, Math, Nursing, and Physics.

2. UCAS will pay the tuition and fees for general education classes required for the Associate Degree unless the class is offered at UCAS.  Approved general education classes include: English 1010 and 2020, Health 1100 or PE 1097, Chemistry 1010 and up and other approved math and science classes. UCAS has established prerequisites for some UVU classes such as:  English 9, 10, and11 must be taken and passed with a “C” or better before English 1010. Secondary Math 2 Honors and Secondary Math 3 are taken and passed with a “C” or better before Math 1050 or above.The ACCUPLACER must be taken and the appropriate placement score must be obtained before a student can register at UVU.

3. UCAS will pay the tuition and fees for classes approved by a UCAS counselor if the credit is needed for high school or college graduation. If an unsolvable schedule conflict prevents a student from meeting the requirement in a UCAS class, another option for course completion may be considered.

4. UCAS will pay the tuition (not fees) of UVU elective classes to be used toward the elective requirement of the Associate’s Degree if: all core requirements for high school and college graduation have been met, the student receives counselor approval, and lower cost educational options are not available.  UCAS willnot be able to provide the textbook or lab fee for elective classes.

5. UCAS will limit a student’s schedule to 12 to 15 college credits per semester.  By staying under the 15 credit limit, a UCAS student can easily earn two years of college credit while at UCAS.  We would rather have good grades in fewer classes than poor grades and many classes.  Any student who wishes to take more than 15 credits must receive counselor approval and administration permission before registering for those classes.  Seniors must be full time students to qualify for graduation.


If you have additional questions, please see your counselor.