Board Members:

  • Ghislaine Caussat – President – Parent Member
  • Landen Garner – Vice President – Community Member
  • Abraham Teng Ph.D – UVU Representative
  • Trevor Warburton  – UVU Representative
  • Theron Murphy – School District Representative
  • Serene Bean – Parent Member
  • Kim Haws – Parent Member

Board Meetings are held from 3-5 pm every third Tuesday of the month in the UCAS study center

Board Guidelines for Public Comment

Click here to view UCAS Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes. When you get to this site, you will see a search tool.  Type in Utah County Academy of Sciences, hit search, and you will see the agendas and minutes for UCAS Board Meetings.


BA – Duties and responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

BB – Board of Trustees-Appointment, Vacancies, Resignation

BC – Board of Trustees President and Vice-President

BD – Board Meetings/Quorum

BE – Electronic Board Meetings


CA – General School Administration

CB – Professional Staff Agreements, Compensation and Benefit Plans

CC – Employee and Students Computer, and Internet Use Policy/Agreement

CD – Discrimination and Harassment

CE – School Visitors

CF – Student Enrollment, Applications, Lottery, Expectations, Alternative Placement


DA – Fiscal Policy

DB – Inventory of Items

DC – Purchasing

DD – Travel

DE – Use of Buildings as Civic Centers


EA – Emergency Response Plan

EB – First Aid, Medication and Student Health

EC – Records and Data Management

ED – Records Requirements and Restrictions Access to School Records

EF – Child Abuse and Reporting


GA – Staff Ethics

GB – Staff Participation in Political Activities

GC – Staff-Student Relations/Scope of Development

GD – Employee Leave

GE – Employee Termination

GF – Employee Hiring Practices

GG – Employee Misconduct, Arrests, and Evaluation Procedures

GH – Hiring Practices for Full and Part-time Employees

GI – Conflict of Interest


IA – Worked Based Learning

IB – Character Education

IC – Classroom Use of Visual Media Resources

ID – Student Academic Progress

IE – Student Field Trips

IF – Appropriateness of Instruction and Instructional Materials

IG – Patriotic Observances

IH – Participation in Graduation Exercises

II – College and Career Readiness Conferences

IJ – Athletics/Music/Drama Participation


JA – Attendance

JB – Dress and Grooming

JC – Orderly and Safe Schools

JD – Alcohol, Controlled Substances, Abuse, and Tobacco Use

JE – Released Time for Students

JF – Student Fees

JG – Student Clubs

JH – Graduation Requirements

JI – School Wellness Policy

JJ – Admission of Foreign Exchange and Other Foreign Students

JK – Electronic Devices at School

JL – Lottery and Exempt Students

JM – Bullying, Cyber-bullying, Harassment, and Hazing

JO – Management of Concussions and Head Injuries

JP – Gang Prevention

For more information, please call  801-863-2222.