• The turkey bowl is this week. Players will be excused from advisory IF you are playing in a game during either advisory period. If you do not play you will not be excused. Also, all players and watchers should remember to pick up your school lunch if you ordered one.
  • There is a new student open house on Thursday. All prospective students are invited to attend. If you know someone who would make a great UCAS student, be sure to take them a flier and invite them to the open house.
  • TSA forms need to be returned by Friday.
  • There has been a lot of garbage left after lunch. Be sure to clean up after yourself. Mrs. Slaughter is not responsible for cleaning up your mess. Make her day by cleaning up your table before you leave for your next class.
  • Writing club is tomorrow morning at 8 am.
  • The ethics bowl meets on Mondays after school in Mrs. Paz’s room. All UCAS students are invited .